He is here! The famous cat from the future is invading Roponngi Hills. Exhibiting different magical things from his pocket, Doraemon rules Roponngi hills!
It is so adorable that a lot of people are stopping by to take a picture with this adorable cat. Here are the sample pictures that I took with my friends. Don't miss it. The display will be during the "summer station" from July 19th to August 24! (based on Japan timeline webpage)

Doraemon and me! We are scared of rats!

My cheerful friends with the happy flying Doraemon.

The original Doraemon. Here is a trivia* Doraemon is originally yellow with ears but a cat like him is scared of rats the reason why he turned blue whilst the rats have eaten his ears!) No worries. he turned out adorable.

66 Cute Doraemons! Come and see them. (Photos grabbed from Japan Timeline) <3
Until my next adventure here in Japan!
From Tokyo with love,

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