Good day
I hope everyone is doing well?
I am personally doing rather well have been quite sick the past few days but i am feeling a lot better now so hopefully it stays this way and doesnt get worse, the medicine i brought with from South Africa was a great help and really put me back on my feet.
So this week mostly consists of me working and spending time in bed watching anime but that sounds boring so here i shall tell you about when i randomly decided to go to Shibuya with my german friend John who is staying at the same branch i am, he has really made my stay alot better and we have great times together.
So onto shibuya and the famous Scramble crossing, I was really expecting lots of people walking across the road and then cars then people then cars then people so on and so fouth and when we got there it was just mind blowing, it was as if the people were lining up for battle and once the light turned green for walking the all just started charging into battle from all direction getting closer and closer to each other from everywhere you look and then they just sramble in between each other it really looks like such chaos and of a battle to be remembed through out history.
Of course its not really a battle just normal people wanting to cross the road but it is really a site to see, its like nothing you could ever imagine, and the scary thing is that with all these which seem like thousands of people crossing they are all gone within 50 seconds flat so crazy. So naturally we had to cross and just wanted to be apart of this scramble chaos so we lined up and when it turned green again like everyone we started charging into the chaos.
It may not seem that impressive to some people but for me it was really and increadible experience and i hope if any of you havent gone to see it you head over and check it out, and just use your imagination when you are watching this and see the great scramble battle that takes place for 50 sec.

thanks for reading.

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