Hi Hi~ I`m Winny come from Taiwan

Hello Everyone ~"O he sa shi bu li de su" ~ Long time no see~:)
Nice to meet you.
2010 July I went to Nakono stay in "Yadoya Guesthouse"for 8 months.
2014 April  I went to "YADOYA" again.
"YADOYA GUESTHOUSE" give me so many good memory in TOKYO.
I believe "YADOYA GUESTHOUSE FOR BACKPACKERS" will give me "modo modo" good memory .
Hope you join us soon and share good time with us e^.^e
Everyday is Good Day .
Enjoy your Everyday .
By Winny 2014.4.26
YADOYA Guesthouse for Backpackers Tokyo:
*Dorm bed only 2300yen/night, Private 3700yen~, cheapest hostel in west Tokyo, Nakano.
YADOYA Guesthouse Tokyo for long stay:
*Dorm bed only 40,000yen/month(including utilities), private room from 43,000yen/month. It`s nice to live in Nakano, and we support your Tokyo life!


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