It’s my first time to see a movie in Japan, ’cause the price is way to high then home.

However, there’re so many excellent commands from my friend, makes me want to go more.

More and more hero movies comes in these years, I prefer the BATMAN and IRON MAN the most, cause it also try to tell us that they are just like ordinary people, with fear and weakness.

Unlike the others, Iron man is definitely a showing-off hero, who always try to be the center of the universe. But after the AVENGERS, he realized that there’re more unexpected enemies then he can imagine, he has to be more prepare for it, for protect the world he loves, and that’s also the reason what caused him panic, so he is so indulge in building more suits, technology is his protection.

However, he lost all the technology and back ups in the movie, and made hime to think who he is, especially without the arms, and how can he to save the world he loves.

It’s kind of a classic hollywood movies, explosions, CGI and hero save the world, but there’s something more than that you’ll think about after you leave the theater.

I recommend this movie to everyone, even if you’re not a big fan of Iron Man, you might just have a great time!


*Every first day of the month, most of the theaters will have promotions for the tickets, ¥1000 / each , they usually cost ¥1800up.

*Every Wednesday is also ¥1000 for the ladies.

*If you want to see a non-japanese-speaking movie in Japan, like hollywood/french..movies, please make sure you check information before you go, cause Japanese is used to see Johnny Depp (or any actors) speaks in Japanese, make sure you find the original ones.


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