Princess Mononoke from England!


One attraction many of our guests come to Tokyo to see is the Ghibli museum in Mitaka.  Some of our staff at Yadoya have a trip planned soon, I’m very excited about it!  What Ghibli fans may not know is that a stage production of Princess Mononoke produced in the UK and first performed in London is coming to Tokyo very soon.

The show, produced by the ‘Whole Hog Theatre’ company, is the first stage production ever to be approved by Miyazaki Hayao and will be showing for one week only during Golden Week.  The performance, in English with Japanese Subtitles, is hosted by the AiiA theatre in Shibuya.  Tickets are sure to be very popular, so book quickly!

Below are links to the theatre website and the website of the production which is in Japanese and English:

Have fun!


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