My friend visited me last week, we had a dinner with my Japanese teaches. After, we went to a Vow’s Bar, which is located in Nakano.

Do you know what is Vow’s Bar? We call 坊主 in Japanese, the pronunciation is similar as “Vow’s”. And the meaning of 坊主(Vow’s) is Monk. Yes! The owner of the bar in Nakano is a Monk, who has a license and original from the temple in Kyoto.

It’s my first time at Vow’s bar. The first time I heard the name was from our guest 2 years ago. She was looking for this bar and asked me where it is. Now, I have the chance to tell other guest about this bar, because I was there too!

It’s quite interesting that all the decorations there are about Buddhism things, also with incense smell inside of the bar. I do like the smell, it makes me feel very comfortable.

The one who owns the bar is a Japanese, he can speak French as well. If you need a talk or a quiet space, then I highly recommend you to visit this bar!

中野・坊主バー (Vow’s Bar)

Time: 19:00~26:30(2:30AM)
Sunday off. But if Monday is holiday, then Sunday still open.
Drink~ 800yen
Table charge 1000yen

(10%OFF for YADOYA’s guest!)

2F of World Building, 5-55-6 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
(This bar is on YADOYA Map!)


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