Taiyaki shop “Tomoe-an” in Nakano Tokyo

やどやゲストハウスの近くにあるたいやき屋さん・ともえ庵の紹介です。Have you ever tried Taiyaki before?Taiyaki is one of the Japanese sweets, pancake with sweet red been shaped as fish.There is one really good Taiyaki shop call "Tomoe-an" near by YADOYA Guesthouse. Tomoe-an is little and cozy shop!街の景色に暖かさを作っています!They make Taityaki one by one. We call this style "Tennen".You can see how they make them!一匹ずつ、丁寧に焼いてくれる天然物です!This is the … Continue reading Taiyaki shop “Tomoe-an” in Nakano Tokyo