The Nakano Nigiwai Festa was held on October 7th and 8th of 2012 at Nakano Central Park in Nakano-ku, Tokyo. This event promoted new grounds, local businesses and community involvement. Even though the first day was raining the atmosphere was still positive and upbeat leading the following day full of sunshine.

During this event I was a volunteer serving drinks, advertising flyers, maps and helping out with other small tasks when asked.

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The first highlight would be the delicious and affordable
Japanese food! Yum!!!

Then during my breaks I got the chance to see many talented Japanese children, teenagers and local artists perform on stage.

The little ones are so “kawaii!”
Next, there were unexpected cosplayers!!! I was amazed
because I haven’t seen this many cosplayers since I’ve
been in Japan (1 month). Although I’ve been to Harajuku
on a Sunday I could never find a handful of cosplayers in sight. 


And of course, I couldn’t help myself taking
pictures of cute mascots!!!



Lastly, the observation of a community coming together. Watching others celebrate as a whole makes Nakano a beautiful place
to live or visit in Tokyo, Japan.


So, what did I learn from this event?
As a foreigner and for someone who never took a Japanese language course, I learned not to be shy and how to engage with a community on full throttle even if my Japanese was mediocre. For someone who likes to get involve with community work it didn’t matter whether I understood the language. What mattered to me the most was the experience. When you watch people interacting and engaging with one another becoming a community, you don’t need translation. Seeing children, youngsters, adults and elderly people laughing, smiling, or simply sharing their time with each other is just irreplaceable.

Thank you Nakano community!

~ Jae ƸӜƷ

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