6/19*Chami's curry X YADOYA

  We have one coin dinner event every Tuesday!We had curry party on Tuesday!! Chami's Curry X YadoyaPrepare the meal!Our guest Chami!!!Gurirannka! Yummy! 美味しそう~Enjoy the party ^__^ 熱鬧上桌!台風が来てるけど、チャミさんのカレーとみんなで楽しい夜です~!We enjoyed Chami's curry together even Taiphoon is coming!! Curry was so great!!ご馳走さまですNext week,our French staffs Jody & Eric are going to cook French food for the party! 来週のパーティーはフレンチコース!就在下週!! … Continue reading 6/19*Chami's curry X YADOYA