6/5*Yakitori Party!

 We have one coin dinner event every Tuesday!And for this Tuesday is ↓ Takoyaki PartyLets make Takoyaki by Ourselve!Prepare the meal!Yummy! 美味しそう~Enjoy the party ^__^ 熱鬧上桌!We got lots of guests tonight ^O^ご馳走さまですNext week, Takoyaki is waiting for you!! let's make Takoyaki by ourselves!2011Takoyaki PartyDon't miss it ^^来週はたこ焼きパーティー!みんな一緒にたこ焼きを作りましょう!2011年のたこ焼きパーティー: 2011Takoyaki Partyお楽しみに下回的派對可是絕佳機會挑戰親手作章魚燒^^來自關西的朋友將親自指導!去年章魚燒派對回顧:2011Takoyaki Party敬請期待^^Please feel free to join usお気軽にご参加ください~歡迎加入我們的派對Yadoya YADOYA … Continue reading 6/5*Yakitori Party!