It was bit cold winter time this year. But now we can enjoy the beauty after long winter!

Cherry blossom has been fully bloomed these days and it make us so happy feeling. And special thing is, we also can see Ume (plum tree) flower. Normaly, it start from the end of February and finish till the end of March. But it was delay since it was cold till the end of March this year, so we can enjoy both Ume and Sakura at the same time!

I went to Ume park in Oume.

From Nakano where our guesthouse is located, it`s about 1hour trip.
You can take Chuo-line to Oume station, and change to bus or another train.
This time I took bus since it was little bit raining and it`s only 3min walk from bus stop. (10min walk from train station call Hinatawada).

If you could take Oume rapid line, it`s only about 50min ride from Nakano to Oume and feels easier, so it maybe better to check the time table in advance.

Here is some photo of Ume park!
 青梅 梅公園
Lot of kind of Ume tree! It`s so beautiful with many kind of pink color.

青梅 梅公園
There are also another flowers.

青梅 梅公園
Nice view from the top of the hill.

青梅 梅公園
It was little bit raining and also weekday, so there are only few people.
Actually, it was so fantastic. Because petal of Ume tree on the all around the ground and no one step on. So it feels like all Ume flowers and petal is around me.

I think it will be gone soon, but maybe still OK.
So I really recommend to visit there if you have no plan for tomorrow or in a few days. Or next spring time.

Also you can stop by Onsen place in Kabe which only 2stop before Oume.

It was relaxing time!
Good thing, they have weekday special offer.
1260yen for enter Onsen and it comes with lunch(They change the menu everyday). Normaly, it`s 840yen to enter, so I think it is good deal.

I think you may want to go to somewhere really touristic place during staying Tokyo. But I also recommend to have experience the same as local people do on holiday like me if you have more time. Just away from busy Tokyo city and relax.

Please ask at YADOYA Guesthouse any information if you need more details.
We are happy to help our guest to have local experience!


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