As you know, that we have a dinner party every Tuesday in our office! 500yen for each person, and bring your own drinks with you.

 This time, for the “Brazil Night” event, one of our long-stay guest, Victor, who was hold the party! He prepared all the things by himself and one of his friend came to helped him a lot!

 For the Brazil Night, we made a special notice only for vegetarian friends… We are sorry, but they told us, for the Brazilian dishes, it almost with meat… We all felt sorry for vegetarian friends, that’s why we mention on those people, if they would like to join this event, please must to inform us before they come…

He is Victor! And he was preparing the most important one(main dish), black beans with a lot of meat!

His friend came here, and give him a hand!

All the dishes are here! I know, it looks weird, also kind of strange match…
But, he explained us how this dish supposed to be…

Actually, it’s an energy dish! Believe it! After I tasted it, I cannot tell, but I feel it! It’s true!

First, he needs to show us how we take the food on our plate first!

We all concentrated on his demonstrate class… 😛
I think, almost everyone hasn’t been to try this food before, except Brazilian people…

Amazing right!

This one is from Victor’s demonstrated…

And, we choose one guest to have it! She’s lucky! She got the first one dish of this event!

After dinner, and people’s social time… They prepared a special show!
For the show, we took a short video too! Please check the link below!
<<YADOYA Guesthouse Event: Brazil Night>>
<<YADOYA Guesthouse on Youtube>>
(These two links will lead you to YADOYA Guesthouse’s video on Youtube!)

Lot of friends and our guests came to join with us!
Thank you all of you!


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