Last Tuesday we had once again a very good and happy Anne-Pierre’s cafe, I had cook for everyone Tuna pasta, Chicken and apple sauce Pasta, some salad and  a lot of vegetables 

The guests are coming later now but it is OK as the atmosphere is very pleasant, I think they all arrive around 7H30 as nearly a all group, and of course they all left late and it is also good!! 

Here are some pictures of all the guests that have joined us, you will see they all look very happy. 

I believe it is such a great satisfaction for people of all ages to share boundaries through ages, cultures and experiences… 

Sadly it was the last time Shane could join us . But congratulation he got a job!!! So he was the winner of this week silly gift eheh 

I really know one thing I really do enjoy to share all those moments and food with so many persons and I will be glad to see you all next week…

Sincerely yours Anne-Pierre the chef 

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