night walk and discoveries

 With my friend last night we decided to go to Inokashira koen because the night was beautiful and also to have a wee walk.

The moon was a very nice red moon 

it is such a nice park I really want to walk there next weekend during the day time I mean eheh 

after a long moment spend to walk and chat we received a message from an other friend who say they are no more train oh oh 

So when it start to be a bit cold we decide to walk in Kichijoji while waiting for the first train (04H34 AM) where to our surprised is full of male and female hostess bars 

Here the front of a love hotel that was so funny 

So if you want to have a nap please pay 4500 yen but if you stay all night please pay 6800 yen (do you know a lot of people going for a nap in a hotel?) 

then we saw an aquarium full of Fugu fishes yummy 

And then we wait until dawn next to the station, between the drunken, the hostesses and the pimp who calls people passing by so they can go in the hostess bar eheh 

than the day appear 

Finally the train station open it is so odd to be the first one and how quiet it was 

so this is us in a very empty train station 

Time of the morning train 

I had a wonderful evening thank you!!! 

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