we had such a good night with our usual guests at the cafe, the two new kids and Daniel a guests who used to stay when I arrive in the Yadoya guesthouse 

let me show you all the food I made
two potatoes stew one pasta salad, and some salad

Now the beautiful guests
don’t we look like we are having so much fun every Tuesday ?
But then even more amazing people came
I love how this so much, so many culture mixing and breathing together 
Now I show you the person who won this week price just for his kindness and how shy he is ( we teased him very friendly like all evening) 
and our old guest and friend Daniel 
with Alice  and the tanoudon tshirt
 with me and the tanoudon tshirt
now just random picture from the evening It was perfect eheh 
Well that is it and really it was such a nice cafe night … 
otsukaresama desu

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