sweet Japan


Well I received many mail asking me what are you doing ?! and where are you ?! 

Well I am still in the wonderful Tokyo, and during my time off since I climb my two mountains I grow very found of walking a lot, so either I am working to help Mari, or I am walking eheheh 

ok here on picture what I have done for the past 2 weeks at work or during my time off 


First I had a day off so I walk more then 12 km from Nakano, then got lost close to the imperial palace, for finally going to the Sumo museum at Ryogoku

the turtle in the water next to the imperial palace 


and passing the bridge to go to Ryogoku 

Sumo museum 

Those wall are so beautiful 

then I took a train to go back home because I was tired ehe.

Then we had the Anne-Pierre’s cafe where I cook two different couscous and a taboule, that was very good but I really made too much of it so we had to eat for few days until we could not take it anymore 

 my nice couscous et taboule


Well that makes the day it was nice.

Then it was an other day to destroyed things for Kenji kun and me eheh 

Those bed string were a nightmare to cut, we cut ourselves but we did it eheh.

And then I had a very nice evening mostly speaking in French as we were 2 Belgium, 1 Canadian and me than we were join by the Thais and that was a very nice evening

Sandrine, Kik, Catherine, Joe and Ewen nice group !!!

Saturday was very nice a had my walk time, and my reading time in the forest path but also I saw a Giant Pikatchu ehehe

 isn’t he cute 

then I saw a concert and the was good

after I went for diner at my friend house, and he has the most amazing view in Tokyo

and now at night it is sweet too 

so we ate very yummy tortillas and that was a nice change.

So yesterday I went in the morning to Ogikubo to go to the anime museum and to a shrine 

this statue is really adorable 

 I just love this statue

Astro boy 


after the museum I went to yoyogi park et Harajuku I saw two protests one against Nuclear, one for the  legalization for marijuana eheh


now the other one


and finally we went to the 1 year anniversary of a pub and that was soooo cool

with lots of good DJs and and band, a Tahitian dancer in Shibuya 

 famous doggy in Shibuya

now party


Well that is it now you know nearly all I did ehehh 


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