I know it is quiet sometime I haven’t updated the Yadoya blog 

But just because we were all a lot busy 
First we did a lot of physical work to close down the Ikko branch it was really tiring  but because we have a good team we manage to make it always genki 
Here the piece of the amount of work 
 wall to destroy
More place to clear 
 me the destructor eheh 
Meet the new Volunteer 
 Youichi super genki
after a lot of hard work we always got something nice to eat to give us back a lot of strength  
 Toshi eats Ramen 
 doesn’t that motivate you to come to Tokyo ? 
Well if not look at my beautiful Udon 
 that look just perfect 
During this time Alice was working really hard to make you trip easier by making a new Nakano map Gambarre 
 here she is with a beautiful hat made by Mari’s friend 
When you see the result and the satisfaction behind each action because it is soo nice to work with people you like  even if it is sometime very difficult 
Beautiful work everybody 

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