It was such a very nice weather on Sunday, 10th! 
We had a Hanami Party in Araiyakushi Park, which is located in Nakano area. Just 15min. walk from Nakano station north exit.
People under the cherry trees
We started our party from 2PM. (Usually, you need to take the place where you would like to sit before your party start. It means, you need to bring the ground mat with you, and put on the floor. Wait there or put your party’s time and day on your mat.) 
Due to the earthquake things happened on 11th, March… The Matsuri(Festival) was cancelled, just only some food stand still in the park. You can buy some food from them, too. Also, Lots of people talking, eating, and drinking there, under the Sakura trees! We were very lucky! Because, we saw the sakura petals fall from the trees, like snowing, really pretty!
Cherry blossom season is a really nice season for people! Through the Hanami party, people can connect with friends, and meet more and more friends! We do enjoying with sakura, and spent the whole afternoon there. Wonderful day!
Group Photo
Alice / YADOYA Guesthouse

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