Change of travel advice for Japan (UK)

We are having difficult time after the earthquake, Tsunami and also the Fukushima nuclear plant trouble.

Actually, we are having normal life in Tokyo. I know some media in abroad have very scared news, but most of them are bit too much.

Of course, in northern part of Japan, there are still lots of people are in suffer. But they are also trying to go ahead with hope every single day.

We got one good news from hostelworld which is the most biggest website for the backpackers and hostel. UK government changed their travel advice Japan, and they say it`s safe in Tokyo.

We know, it`s still bit scared since we have lots of information. But we hope many tourist come back to Japan and it will be big big help for a revival Japan!

We will support your stay during in Tokyo,
also we are sure most of hostel and Japanese people will support you during you are in Japan with our hospitality.

Mari/YADOYA Guesthouse

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