Nakano Broadway is a great place to shop, eat and experience modern Japanese culture like a true local. Nakano Broadway is a catwalk. A long, wonderful, ever changing collection of shops, levels and places to discover. I have been in Nakano for a month and over that time I have found several little hidden and not so hidden places in Nakano Broadway that are my favorites. 

sun mall shopping street
Sun Mall shopping street

One of my favorite places is this small bakery as you walk on Sun mall shopping street midway up Nakano Broadway, it is the Japanese take on a French boulongerie called Bonjour Bon.
They have the Japanese twist on French classics – croque monsieur is a kind of bread puff filled with cheese and ham. Croquettes, sandwiches, buns, rolls and all manner of pastry fill the stores charmingly laid out central and side tables. A lovely waft of sweet yeasty bread fills the air as you pass by Bonjour Bon as you go about your buisness on the Broadway.

Bonjour Bon
Bonjour Bon bakery in Nakano

As you continue along the sound of ambient electronic music will begin to trickle into your ears, the signs become louder and the stores become bigger. Nakano Broadway has five levels, the basement is equipped with fresh produce and specialist food shops, this is my favorite level!

Here there is an ice cream shop where you can purchase a soft serve ice cream 8 scoops high! Daily Chiko, the flavours are as bizarre as the colours; including matcha (green tea), rumune, and chocolate-natto (fermented soybeans).

Daily Chiko
Daily Chiko

Across from this you can find the ever popular crepes, including Harajuku crepes to go with your ice cream. These include the usual crepes filled with cream and strawberries, to those filled with azuki bean paste and custard. All delicious and cheap, being between 200 to 400 ¥!

crepe shop in Nakano Broadyway
crepe shop in Broadway

As you walk around the corner, the flourscent sanctury and fountain of plenty appears – DAISO with its beautiful electric pink and white sign and its cheap well…everything! This DAISO you can get all manner of household items, gardening implements and a huge selection of cosmetics and personal care items. But unfortunately no food. Alas there is another DAISO less than 200 metres away on Nakano dori which is full of food for you to choose! I just got a packet of gohan and a small tub of aloe vera cream.

Daiso in Nakano Broadway (Basement)
Daiso in Nakano Broadway (Basement)

The kimono shop with winter jackets for 2,800 yen – Tansuya clothing store. Here you will find some discounts on kimono, obi and other wafuku wear. I have bought a red hantan from here for winter which keeps me really warm and allows me to move freely.

Kimono Shop
Kimono Shop(Winter Jackets)

What also draws attention as you walk along Nakano Broadway is the many small izakayas and cafes which line the space. Compact but surprisingly spacious these small barrows for drinkers, anime lovers and Nakanoeans alike are a safe refuge from the human highway just outside the door

Nakano Broadway is a great place to shop, eat and experience modern Japanese culture like a true local!

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