Do you like Doraemon?
This is Mari of YADOYA Guesthouse.

I would like to recommend if you are fun of Doraemon and also Japanese arts.
Famous Japanese artist like Takashi Murakami create the art of Doraemon and it is very interesting exhibition.

One of my favorite was the video by Kotobuki Shiriagari. I could not take photo but it was unique movie.

Also the one made with small train with little light. It was amazing experience. Recently we can see a lot of special events of projection mapping and I think it is great. But I could realized from this small space with little light made us very warm feeling and  why people loves create and enjoy arts. I am sorry I cannot show the photo or anything here. Hope you could go there and see it!

with my little friend!

Takashi Murakami painting.
His galleries and cafe are in the Nakano broadway near by YADOYA Guesthouse.

Please see the detail! Japanese painting with Doraemon!

When I was child, I grow up with Doraemon and Goku of Dragon ball. They are kind of my hero. And I am so happy that I could enjoy this new Doraemon world!

If you are staying Tokyo till 8th of January and having one hour, please enjoy Doraemon in Roppongi!!

Check the website of Mori arts center gallery.

Mari / YADOYA Guesthouse

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