This was not my first time to use Seishun 18 Kippu(青春18切符), but my second time.

This is under Japan Railway Company, you can use it for whole local or rapid lines under JR for 5 journeys only cost 11850yen, which means 2370yen per journey only.

*For more details, please check with Japan Railway Company's website.


Now, I would like to share how I used this ticket for my trips in the summer 2016.


My Seishun 18 Kippu 2016!


I started my travel from the evening, after my work at YADOYA.

And here is my train schedule:

★ Nakano station(中野駅) – Tokyo station(東京駅) by JR Chuo Line bound for Tokyo(東京) (About 20min)

★ Tokyo station(東京駅) – Atami station(熱海駅) by JR Tokaido Line bound for Atami(熱海) (About 110min)

★ Atami station(熱海駅) – Kakegawa station(掛川駅) by JR Tokaido Line bound for Hamamatsu(浜松) (About 130min)


Transportation fee: original fee should be 4000yen, but I was using Seishun 18 Kippu, it costs only 2370yen.


I arrived Kakegawa after 21:00, and stayed a night in this area.

*I was traveled at Kakegawa area when I was using Seishun 18 Kippu at first time in 2014, I already know a part of this area, so I decided to stay a night here as a rest spot. Another reason is, the hotel is cheaper than Hamamatsu area.

Iseishi Station, and there is an Information center office just beside after you get out from the station and turn right.


The Second day, I left the Hotel at 7:00, and again, my train scedule below:

★Kakegawa station(掛川駅) – Toyohashi station(豊橋駅) by JR Tokaido Line bound for Toyohashi(豊橋) (About 66min)

★Toyohashi station(豊橋駅) – Nagoya station(名古屋駅) by JR Tokaido Rapid Line bound for Oogaki(大垣) (About 60min)

★Nagoya station(名古屋駅) – Iseshi Station (伊勢市駅) by JR Mie Rapid Line(JR快速みえ)(About 90min)

*JR Mie Rapid Line is sharaing the railway with a private line between Kawarada station(河原田駅) to Tsu station(津駅), therefore, need to pay additional fee(510yen) on the train.


Transportation fee: original fee should be 4000yen + 510yen, but I was using Seishun 18 Kippu, it costs only 2370yen + 510yen.


The entrance of Ise Grand Shrin, Ise Jingu – Geku (伊勢神宮 – 外宮).

It was about 5min walk from Iseshi station, very easy to find it.


It was on weekday, but many people.


You cannot take a photo inside, therefore, I had a photo outside as a record for myself.


I was walk around in Geku area, and I found this looks so similar as a turtle!

And from the information on the internet, it shows this is one of the place where you can get positive power if you walk through it, some of the bloger says you would better to touch it to get the power.


I only walk through it, I hope it was enough for me to have more good lucks.


This is another shrine in Geku area.


Yes, a queue for another shrine. I didn't know when I was waiting in line, after 20min, I could see a little bit head, then I realized this is a queue for pray.


I took this photo when I finally approach to the head of the queue.


This is a small museum, shows you how they build it. Actually, they build a new and move every 20years.


Before I went to Ise Jingu – Naiku (伊勢神宮 – 内宮), I was stopped at a Japanese sweet shop for a break. It takes about 15-20min by bus from Geku to Naiku area, and this Japanese sweet shop located in a street where people must be go through on the way to Naiku.


I ordered the famouse one, red beans jams(!?) cover on the rice cake, with hot Matcha. And the middle white one was my extra order, a season limited dessert.


From my seat, I can enjoy a very peaceful Japanese garden. I love this corner, and was very enjoying my time at this place.


After my break time, I continue my walk, and it suddenly rains a lot, a very heavy rains. The weather forecast wasn't mentioned about any rains, theremore, mostly people standing in front of all the shops, under the roof, waiting for the moment it stop.


I couldn't enter to any shops, as too much people there, so I decieded to go through the heaving rains. I was lucky, because I had my umbrella with me.


Ise Jingu – Naiku (伊勢神宮 – 内宮). It was heavy rains, and I took this photo after I walked around Naiku area, before I left.


This is Isuzu river(五十鈴川), a notable river because it flows through Ise Grand Shrine, and many songs and poems have been written about it throughout history. This is also a place where you can wash your mind before you go and pray, but during the heavy rains, it looks not as the peaceful image as we know, at least not from my photo.


Rains stop, and finally I arrived.


This is another lake in the Ise Jingu – Naiku area, I love the serenity nuture place.


I haven't had a proper meal, and all the restaurants were busy… So I randomly got this Japanese Croquette(コロッケ) from a shop.


And this is a standing Sake shop, it looks very nice, that's why I decided to have a try.


You can order only a cup, and enjoy sake and your time at this place.


They gave me a small cup of Japanese Sake with some salts as a dish goes with Sake. I was confused how to use it/eat it!?, till the staff show me, and I know it is a traditional way to enjoy Japanese Sake.

*The salt was seasalt or something from nature, it's not the normal one you buy from the shop.


Tofu Donut!


Cats around and sleeping…zzZ




My second Japanese Sake from the other Sake shop.


After 2 cups of Japanese Sake without having a proper meal, I feel so good on the train. 

Yes, I sleep very well on the train…


Same route as I came.

★Iseshi Station (伊勢市駅) – Nagoya station(名古屋駅) by JR Mie Rapid Line(JR快速みえ)(About 90min)

*JR Mie Rapid Line is sharaing the railway with a private line between Kawarada station(河原田駅) to Tsu station(津駅), therefore, need to pay additional fee(510yen) on the train.


I stayed a night at Nagoya(名古屋), because one of the character I like from Aranzi Arnozo had a 25th anniversary special sale at Nagoya station, and also for the Nagoya food, that's the reason I decided to spent a night here.


On the way to the hotel where I stayed a night, I saw these dogs on a building!


And my dinner, Unagi(鰻) set! Love it so much, it's my second time to have it at Nagoya, although it was at different branch, but it still taste good as I had before!


Next day, I decided to go to Usami(宇佐美) to have Japanese spiny lobster, which also called Ise Ebi(伊勢えび) here in Japan. This was my main purposed to Mie as well, but unfortunately, I don't have time and chance to have it. On the way to Usami, I had transfer the trains many times, the good thing was not too crowded on the train, I could have a seat to have a rest during the 5 hours travel by local trains.


★Nagoya station(名古屋駅) – Toyohashi station(豊橋駅) by JR Tokaido Line bound for Toyohashi(豊橋) (About 56min)

★Toyohashi station(豊橋駅) – Hamamatsu station(浜松駅) by JR Tokaido Line bound for Hamamatsu(浜松) (About 34min)

★Hamamatsu station(浜松駅) – Shimada station(島田駅) by JR Tokaido Line bound for Shizuoka(静岡) (About 44min)

★Shimada station(島田駅) – Numazu station(沼津駅) by JR Tokaido Line bound for Numazu(沼津) (About 86min)

★Numazu station(沼津駅) – Atami station(熱海駅) by JR Tokaido Line bound for Atami(熱海) (About 20min)


This train surprised me a lot, it's in black, totally different color and design as usual, it also looks like a special train. I even afraid to get on it at the beginning, because I had a ticket for local trains only. I still got on it(the next train will be another 20-30min), and ready for extra payment(I thought), fortunately, an old man who was sitting near me, he told me the train will stop at the station where I want get off. And he told me to enjoy the view from the train.


I got on this train from Atami(熱海), and this train was bound for Izu(伊豆).

★Atami station(熱海駅) – Usami station(宇佐美駅) by JR Ito Line bound for Izukyu-Shimoda(伊豆急下田) (About 22min)


Look! This train has a view site seat.


From the view site seat, you can see mountain and ocean. The view is really good, if you have the chance to have a travel to Izu, even not taking this train, you still can see this view, and it made me feel very relax.


Ise ebi(伊勢えび) meal set. This restaurant is a little bit far from Tokyo, and from the Usami station(宇佐美駅), you have to walk about 20min. It's a local area, compare to other area, it has less tourists.

And this was my 2nd time at this restaurant, I do love the food here, it's very fresh, and you can see beach from the big window when you are enjoying your meal.


Usami Beach


After Ise ebi meal, I stopped at Atami(熱海) for the foot onsen, this is free, and just in front of Atami station. I knew this place, because I was late last time, and not enough time to have a break here. 


During the Summer season, the weather was super hot, and the hot spring also super hot. I was sweat when I was enjoy my foot onsen. I got an ice cream after the foot onse, to cool down myself a littlet bit before I got on the train back to Tokyo.


★Usami station(宇佐美駅) – Atami station(熱海駅) by JR Ito Line bound for Atami(熱海) (About 17min)

★Atami station(熱海駅) – Tokyo station(東京駅) by JR Rapid ACTY Line bound for Utsunomiya(宇都宮) (About 97min)

★Tokyo station(東京駅) – Nakano station(中野駅) by JR Chuo Rapid Line (About 18min)


Transportation fee: original fee should be 6930yen(all trans on 3rd day), but I was using Seishun 18 Kippu, it costs only 2370yen.


This ticket is really reasonable, the only inconvenient thing for me was too much time on the train… Luckly, I had a seat all the time, it was OK for me.

If you have time but low budget for traveling, I highly recommend you to use this ticket.





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