Only 30 minutes walking from Nakano station, you can find this stunning hillside park with an abundance of natural feautures. Whatever season you pick to visit this park you will find it relaxing and calm. 


rokkendai pagoda nakano

Rokkendai, the Pagoda of the Six Wise Ones


The park was founded by philosopher Dr. Enryo Inoue (1858-1919) in 1906 under the theme of philosophy. Throughout the park you find 77 spots that symbolise different doctrines. On the top of the hill are six Meiji-era buildings that are open to the public during cherry blossom season (from mid-March through early April), in October and on every first Sunday of each month.


park nature tetsugakudo

Enjoy a leisurely stroll…


Address: 1-34-28 Matsugaoka, Nakano-ku



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