Hey guys!
 I found an amazing restaurant and want to
introduce it to you!
 It's called Okajoki(陸蒸気).


The basic concept of this restaurant is
a train station between Nakano and Tsugaru.
You see? There's a traffic light!
There were license plates and old stuffs
from trains
 as a decoration.

This restaurant sells different kinds of
grilled fish.
It's quite expensive for dinner
(over 5000yen),
but fortunately, only 900yen for lunch!
Still, you can think it's a little bit
expensive for a lunch…
then look at these pictures!!

The music, the atmosphere,
people(mostly おっさん), all
things there

made me feel that I'm truly in Japan.
I've never been to a restaurant with such a great mood before!
I wanted to sit on the first floor
where I can see how they cook fish,
but there were too many people,
so I went upstairs.
Lunch hours are from 11:30 to 1
(open only on weekdays),
but if you go late, there might
be no leftover or not many kinds of fish.
 カジキマグロ(marlin)-My favorite!!
They serve a HOT tea!
This was my third time to be served a hot
drink in restaurants in Tokyo.
I can't understand why they usually serve an
iced one even during the winter.

What made me love this restaurant even more was that 
we can have the soup and rice endlessly!
Just say おかわりください!
We definitely need to add this place to our Nakano map!

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