I went to Onsen to Musashi-koyama last time. And my friend who made book about Tokyo Onsen told me that you shold go to Onsen in Ota-ku!
Ok, then I  went to Onsen in Otaku, found out why he reccomend them!
keiyu line
It is also not so far from Nakano where YADOYA Guesthouse located.
Take JR to Shinagawa (transefer at Shinjiku) and take Keijyu line to Kamata. Kamata is only one stop away from Shinagawa if we take express train.
At Shinagawa station, there are lot of tourist since train gose to Haneda airport too.
keijyu kamata
Arriving at Keikyu Kamata station, and it looks it is changing a lot now.
keijyu kamata shotengai
Shopping mall (Shotengai) call Asuto!
keikyu kamata shotengai
kamata shotengai cheap clothes
There are lot of cheap shops for clothes or CD, DVD etc.
I can feel that local people love this place and these shops are still exist a lot.
kamata onsen
Entrance of Kamata Onsen!
Since Showa 12 (1937).
kamata onsen
We only pay 460yen same as public bath! It is very cheap for Onsen!
kamata onsen
After Onsen, beer is sooooo good! Actually, here people almost drink even if it is daytime!
kamata onsen karaoke
And There are big Karaoke stage! 100yen for one song to sing.
When I was there, people keep singing old Japanese songs and I loved it.
kamata onsen kamameshi
Onsen Kamameshi.
Kamameshi  literally translates to "kettle rice" and is a traditional Japanese rice dish cooked in an iron pot called a
kama(from wikipedia)
It looks normal Kamameshi, but it was very delicious! I heard they use very good rice and cook this Kamameshi. Oishii!
Sorry as usual, I cannot take photo of onsen.
But Onsen was really good. It black and my skin became really smooth.
And I love the atomospher, local people are using here for their everyday life. They are not in the bathtub for long time. They spend the time for more washing, brushing teeth, take care about their body and chat with others. It is very relaxing place and I felt they care about each other.
I know for some people it looks not interesting. The place is not funcy and very clean but local people love there and it makes this place really good.
Here is a link of this Onsen:
I really recommend here if you are interested in real Japanese local Onsen in Tokyo.
But please note, please follow the rules and do not go with big group there and remind this is place for locals.
Next, I would like to write about more Kamata city.

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