Where we shold go in Tokyo?
I am sure that one of the most popular spot is  Tokyo tower!
I had visited Tokyo tower when I was student of Junior high school, it was school trip from Aichi.
It is nice to go again and see what is different now!
zojoji temple Tokyo tower
Zojoji (temple) is near by Tokyo tower.
Zojoji was founded in 1393 as an orthodox and fundamental nembutsu seminary for Jodo shu in the Kanto (east Japan) region.
More info about Zojoji: http://www.zojoji.or.jp/en/
momiji autum Tokyo
It is very beautiful season with red and yellow color now in Japan.
momiji Tokyo tower
Momiji with red color and Tokyo tower!
Tokyo tower
Welcome to Tokyo tower(^0^)
Tokyo tower view
There are some places we can go up and see Tokyo view.
I think it is good to see from Tokyo tower, you can see lot of green and temple around tower and it is kind of unique viwe as big city. You can also see bay area, Tokyo Sky Tree, Mt.Fuji(if it is sunny day), shinjuku, roppongi, ect.
mos burger Tokyo tower
I found Mos Burger have Tokyo tower burger!!
Must try!
mos buger tokyo tower
This is Tokyo tower burger! It was little small than I thought… But it was good spicy taste!
By the way, Tokyo tower has changed a lot since I came last time. I kind of miss old fashion style which I saw when I was just student, but now new Tokyo tower is also fun to visit for feeling that I am in Tokyo!
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