Japan has Been an amazing aventure There IS so much to See and do, two months was not even Close to enough time Here Are a Few Highlights from my Journey
. MT FUJI FROM Kawaguchiko
Some Friends and I Decided to Take a Day – trip to see Mt. Fuji. We took the Willer Highway Bus to the a little city called Kawaguchiko which is named after one of the five major lakes surrounding the Mountain. Hiking Mt Fuji is forbiden in the winter months due to the wet and slippery conditions . So we decided to get our climbing fix by trekking up the much smaller (and safer) Mt. Tenjo. It turned out to be an amazing experience! Tenjo offered breathtaking views of Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi. We spent all day walking around and taking in the beutiful scenery. When our legs could barely take anymore We headed down the mountain and back into town to check out a local onsen. We spent the rest of the evening relaxing in a natural hotspring and watching the sun set over Mt. Fuji. It WAS a near perfect Day.

Keirin IS a very Exciting high speed form of Bicycle Racing. It Takes place on a track called a Velodrome where nine Highly Skilled Riders Compete in an all out Sprint for the Finish. It WAS created shortly after WWII as a gambling sport to help boost Japans economy. Today Keirin has become a national passtime. There are events almost every day of the year with some of the major races broadcast live on TV. While in Japan I managed to make it to two Keirin events, and I WAS not Disappointed. 

Nagano IS well known for Being the host for the 1998 winter Olypics. But it IS Also home to the Japanese Macaque or "Snow Monkey". Deep in the Snowy Peaks of Nagano prefecture hides a snow monkey haven. Drawn by the natural hotsprings, Jigokudani Monkey Park is home to hundreds of wild Macaque. The bathing dont seem to be bothered by the many camera weilding tourists that visit the park year round. Infact, they almost seem to BE posing. Highly recomended for Nature and Animal lovers.

Thanks for reading! Zane
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