It was on Monday, November 3rd, a National Holiday here in Japan. We, our volunteer staffs and me were talkng about to have an experience at Karaoke, but we changed our plan to have a ramen instead. On that day, we figure out it was a little bit hard to find a place to eat after 22:00. Even the one ramen shop I knew, I thought it would be open till 3:00AM, but it was closed earlier than usual… Therefore, we tried to go around Nakano, and we went to another Ramen shop where I've been there once, and really like it.

↑Before we go, one of our guest showed us his souvenir, and pretended as a Yakuza! That's his imagine photo.

↑Guys are dancing in the shop!
You have to buy a ticket from the machine, I mean, to order your food. And I was helping them to get it and confirm with shop staff, I was the last person to go upstairs. And when I was still at stairs area, I saw guys were dancing there, because the floor was slippery.

↑YADOYA Staffs and guest! Kanpai!
Hugo was busy on putting spices in his ramen… lol

↑J and me! And I was really hungry…

↑I didn't take a photo of my food this time, and this ramen photo was took when I was first time at the shop.
I had extra green onion and wonton in my ramen!
*This shop has Aomori garlic, put a little bit in your ramen, it taste better!
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