Bonjour tout le monde,
My name's Hugo, I'm a 25 yo french student from Paris recently arrived in Tokyo. I'm really happy to be part of the Yadoya team and to be in Japan. Here I’m planning to visit everything, don't know what precisely but at the end I probably walked around everywhere, I hope.
Why going to Japan ? First, because. Secondly, because I like the food, the sento, Tokyo, the countryside, pachinko, GTO,…
I like walking, so you'll probably see me around, wherever you are. Please, if you have good recipes you'd like to share, ask for me, cooking is a serious thing, I need to impress my family and friends back home.
So, see you around, a plus,

YADOYA Guesthouse for Backpackers Tokyo:
*Dorm bed only 2300yen/night, Private 3700yen~, cheapest hostel in west Tokyo, Nakano.
YADOYA Guesthouse Tokyo for long stay:
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