Hi, it’s Maja! It’s only been a week since I left Tokyo for my adventure, but it feels like I’ve been on the road for much more time.
I volunteered in Yadoya for 4 months and decided to spend the rest of my time in Japan on bicycle and see as much of this wonderful country as I can. Yadoya made it possible for me and supported me with a proper bicycle, friends have lent me a sleeping bag and tent, so there was suddenly no way back!
My departure from Nakano was Jul 12th and so far I managed to get to Shimoda. Let me show you in pictures how was my week:

This is the route I took the first day. I wanted to see Yokohama on my way too, but cycling through Tokyo was very stressful and took me way more time than I thought it will, so I went straight to Kamakura.

I’ve spent my night on the beach in Kamakura, got woken up by surfers in the early morning.

Second day I went for a short sightseeing in Kamakura and later headed towards Odawara.

I don’t know what exactly I what I was doing here, but it was definitely very early and I was tired from the day before.

Cycling on the coast.

On the way through Enoshima.

In Odawara I ended up on the skate festival where I made friends with Daisuke and completely forgot to take pictures! I slept on the beach again, with a beautiful view of the sea 🙂


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