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So my experience in japan has been absolutely amazing so far and it just gets better and better. This week my grandmther came all the way to Japan from South Africa to visit me for a week so that has been amazing seeing her all week and seeing different things with her.
One of the most amazing days i have had since my grandmother arrived was when we went on a day trip to Kamakura to see some old traditional temples shrines and to find the giant Budha which sounded like it was worth checking out.
The ride to Kamakura was roughly an hour long or so but was no problem having my grandmother with me chatting away about what we think we will get to see.
Once arriving in Kamakura we say a guide map and had no idea what it ment or how to even read it so we just decided to wing it and walk until we find something interesting. So after a short while of walking we stopped to have a snack and as we were eating suddenly this huge bird swoops down and grabs the food out of my grandmothers hand, she really got the biggest fright of her life so after she finally calmed down we set off to find something interesting.
After walking for about 40 minutes or so we came across the giant budha and just had to go take a look and it was so amazing to see this huge statue of the giant budha, we just stood in amazement. We did some souvenirs shopping at the shop close to this budha and then carried on our way really happy with what we got to see.
As we were starting to walk back we stumbbled across a temple called the Great Kannon which wasnt to far from the giant budha so we went up to take a long and it was so beautiful. We really enjoyed the temple and the sakura blossoms still in bloom at the top of this temple, the temple was kept in such beautiful condition and the inside was just increadible.
After a long day of exploring we started heading home and as our feet were sore from all the walking, the walk back to the station took forever so we stopped at a restaurant to rest and have some dinner then on the train and back to Tokyo. What an amazing day it was indeed, i love Japan.

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