If, like many visitors you have been drawn to Japan by the lure of the exotic, the prospect of sights and experiences unlike anything you could imagine encountering at home, then Shinjuku’s ‘Robot Restraunt’ may be the place for you.

Last week the staff from Yadoya were lucky enough to be hosted by the Robot Restraunt for one of their three daily performances and we can all honestly say it was like nothing we have exprienced before.

A place to indulge your inner Otaku, the show featuring dancing girls, dinosaurs, giant pandas, and yes, a few robots, is a full on assault on the senses.  The show takes in five different performances including, Drum & Dance, Robot Dance, Parade of Robots, Parade of War, and my personal favourite, Robot Battles!  And you can take it all in while enjoying your choice of Bento box.  That’s right, the Restraunt bit isn’t just a clever name!

The Robot Restraunt won’t be for every one, if eye searing lazers, loud music and a fair bit of flesh on show aren’t your thing, or if you’re looking for a serious meal, you may want to look else where.  If however, you’re after a bit of Las Vegas style glitz and ‘glamour’ with everything ramped up to 11, in a uniquely Japanese style then swing by 1-7-1 Kabukicho to see what it’s all about.

The extensive website has all the information you could possibly need, including lots of pictures and video clips:


Have fun….


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