Hi, all! It’s Erina!

It’s been a while since I wrote the blog here the last time.

I had a long summer break from the end of July
to the end of September.

(yay! to be a college student!:D)

I’ll talk about my memorable trip to Europe here.

I visited Rome to see my friends first, 
then went to Barcelona, and Paris later.

The weather in Rome was adorable and
I ate tasty creamy gelato every day when I was there:D

Here is the photo of me and my friend at the Spanish Stairs!

Have you ever seen Roman Holiday?
You can find this stairs in the movie!

I went to Colosseum,  saw the Vatican City,
made a wish at the Trevi Fountain as many tourists do,
and visited other fascinating sightseeing places.


After spending there for a week, I moved to Barcelona, Spain.

Since I have studied Spanish for three years at my college,
I was so excited to visit Barcelona on my way to go there.

I met up with my American friend at the central park of Barcelona
 and began my adventure.

Do you know this building?

This is called Sagrada Familia which is made by Gaudi. 

I also went to the famous park called Park Guell.
 This park is the coolest park I’ve ever seen in my entire life!

Everything in this park was amazing and so unique! 
I hope I can visit there again in the future.

Then, I moved to Paris, France after my exciting trip to Barcelona.

Paris was surprisingly cold,so I got a cold really easily.lol

Here is a photo I took in the city of beauty;)

This is my Japanese friend who studies at French university.
Here’s the Macaroon, great meringue-like cookies.  

This is one of the most famous tower in the world, Eiffel Tower:)

I went to a lot of sightseeing spots in France and
I was simply amazed how beautiful every place is.
I also saw many interesting people during my trip.
Some have been traveling for a year.
Some quit their job to start their adventures to the world.
Some came to Europe to have a long vacation.
Luckily, I was able to hear various kinds of their experiences.
There are many reasons why I love traveling around the world,
but this is one of the main reasons why I keep going on a trip
to foreign countries.
Seeing new people is always fascinating!
I hope you enjoyed your summer vacation!
Thank you for reading!







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