Do you know Glass Mask? :)

Glass Mask! Or, for the Japanese name,「ガラスの仮面,  is a famous manga written by Miuchi Suzue-san. The first volume was published in “Hana to Yume” in the year – pay close attention – 1976! It has been the second best-selling manga in Japanese history, and is still a great success. It has already reached its 48th tankobon – independent book, that is – even though the author promised us an ending much sooner. Even so, I’m happy that she hasn’t given up on drawing it yet! :))
The manga has already been adapted into two anime versions – one in 1984 and the other one in 2005 – yet neither tells the story further than the 3rd arc of the manga. As far as the ending goes, and I am surely not the only one wanting to find out what happens with Kitajima Maya’s career as an actress – will she be able to surpass the acting genius Himekawa Ayumi? – and if she will continue her love story with the much older Purple Rose Person, Hayami Masumi.

Miuchi-san, thank you for your work so far! I wonder what other glass masks will the next manga volumes bring?!

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