We have one coin dinner event every Tuesday!

And this week is ↓

やどやゲストハウス ワンコインディナー

☆Apple salad☆

This salad is not Taiwanese food, it’s my creation ~~haha! 


☆Taiwanese Miso soup☆
Taiwanese add salmon in the miso soup, but Japanese don’t do that way.

?油餅(cong you bingGreen onion pancake

It originates in Chinese culture.Taiwanese usually have it for breakfast or for snack .Besides the basic way to eat it, you can also add eggs on the top when you fried it.

of put green onion, you can put other ingredient in the dough to make your own

Our staff Greg , He puts NATTUO (fermented soybeans)in the
dough !!!  @___@|||

Roll out the dough then put butter and a lot of green onion on it.
ピザもできそう?! We can also use the dough to make pizza!! 
Thank you for your coming, It’s my pleasure sharing the Taiwanese food to you!
See U next time 😉
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