Special Events in November!

 Hi, It’s Erina:)
Today I’ll tell you some special events in November.
In Japan, people enjoy the changing colors of autumn leaves in November.
1. Festival of Ginkgo. (いちょう祭り)
You’ll see the the beautiful yellow leaves on the ginkgo trees along Gaien-dori.
Many enjoyable events will be held including a street performances, food stall village, folk music, and dancing, world bazaar,etc.
2. The Torinoichi Festival(The Festival of the Rooster) 酉の市
The Torinoichi Festivals are one of Japan’s traditional annual events in which people endear the last days of the year and pray for their good fortune and prosperity of the coming year.
3.Design Festa
Design Festa is one of the largest art events in Asia.
Design Festa began and continues to envolve as an event where artists from all genres can come together to creat and share their interesting freestyle  art and to have a chance to meet some fascinating artists.
If you are interested in above events, just let us know!
yadoya staffs will give you more detail:)

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