Free Entrance in Tokyo!

 In Tokyo, we have a Tokyo Metropolitan Day on the 1st of October. Many parks, museums are FREE on that day. Here is the list, some of their website without English, if you want to go one of them, and you cannot read in Japanese, please ask at our reception.

 1. Hama-rikyu Gardens(浜離宮恩賜庭園)
 2. Kyu-Shiba-rikyu Gardens(旧芝離宮恩賜庭園)
 3. Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens(小石川後楽園)
 4. Rikugien Gardens(六義園)
 5. Kyu-Iwasaki-tei Gardens(旧岩崎庭園)
 6. Mukojima-Hyakkaen Gardens(向島百花園)
 7. Kiyosumi Gardens(清澄庭園)
 8. Kyu-Furukawa Gardens(旧古河庭園)
 9. Tonogayato Garden(殿ヶ谷戸庭園)
10. Jindai Botenical Garden(神代植物公園)
11. Tama Zoo(多摩動物公園)
12. Ueno Zoo(恩賜上野動物園)
13. Tokyo Sea Life Park(葛西臨海水族園)
14. Inokashira Park Zoo(井の頭自然文化園)
15. Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome(夢の島熱帯植物館)

16. (東京港野鳥公園) –> Japanese language only!
Sorry, they don’t have any information in other language.

17. Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum(東京都庭園美術館)
<Website of Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum>
–> Only garden area is FREE on 1st of October.

18. Edo-Tokyo Museum(東京都江戸東京博物館)
<Website of Edo-Tokyo Museum>
–> Only permanent exhibition is FREE on 1st of October.

19. Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum(東京都江戸東京たてもの園)
<Website of Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum>

20. Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography(東京都写真美術館)
<Website of Tokyo Metropololitan Museum of Photography>

21. Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo(東京都現代美術館)
<Website of Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo>

If you click the name of the place, the link will lead you to wikipedia’s page. Some of them with their website link, please check it in advance!

Tokyo Park’s Informartiopn(1. ~ 9.):

Tokyo Zoo’s Information(11. ~ 14.):

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