Jack in Japan

I’ve been adventuring around Japan for a little over a month now. I’m on a very very tight budget (1300 yen per day) but it’s been a great challenge and super fun experience. I’ve climbed Dewa Sanzan in Yamagata prefecture, hiked barefoot through the pristine forests of Shiratani Unsuikyo and met loads of interesting people from all over the world in the short time I’ve been here.

I started here in Tokyo, at the Yadoya Guesthouse with a friend. We stayed for five nights in the Kingyo room and spent our days exploring every corner of Tokyo. Afterwards, she went to Akita for school and I started walking north to find Dewa Sanzan. I made it north after a few days spent with new friends around Tsukuba City. I climbed all three mountains and stayed in a traditional Japanese Ryoukan, compliments of a nice old couple I met in the mountains.

After the mountains I went north to Akita to meet my friend again. I spent a few days at Akita International University meeting people from all over the world. Being an international university there were students from all over. It almost made me wish I had gone to school there instead of doing my crazy adventure. Almost.

Leaving Akita was when my adventure really started. I hitchhiked down Route 7 along the Japan Sea coast all the way to Niigata, at which point I was forced to turn and head back into Tokyo, even though my destination was Kyoto. There was a typhoon at the time and no one was really driving into it.

Having come back to Tokyo sooner than I planned, I went to a familiar place, here at the guesthouse and just hung out for a few days. I made new friends and we adventured together around Tokyo. I slept in the park with the homeless people and ate lots of Shaka-Shaka Chickens from McDonald’s.

Next I went to Kobe to visit a friend, and from there I hitchhiked all the way down the Kosokku-doro to Kagoshima, at the very end of Kyushu. I took the ferry over to Yakushima and spent the next few days basking in the forest, swimming in the ocean, and enjoying the amazing views from hidden clifftops that only the locals seem to know about.

After Yakushima I spent a few days hitching back north, heading into Tokyo. I was pretty homesick and figured seeing my friends here would help. It has. I’ve been back at the guesthouse for two days now and I’m now working here for room & board. I’m really excited to be here. It’s loads of fun.

For anyone considering coming to Japan, I can’t emphasize enough how much I think you should. It’s an amazing country, everyone is exceptionally helpful, and it’s definitely a unique experience you won’t get anywhere else. Especially here, at Yadoya Guesthouse, everyone is so helpful and so nice, you’ll definitely have a good time. Nakano is an awesome area, lots of little sidestreets and cool restaurants and of course, the Nakano Broadway. And it’s only one stop away from Shinjuku. What more could you ask for?

YADOYA Guesthouse for Backpackers Tokyo:
*Dorm bed only 2200yen/night, Private 3,500yen~, cheapest hostel in west Tokyo, Nakano.

YADOYA Guesthouse Tokyo for long stay:
bed only 40,000yen/month(including utilities), private room from
43,000yen/month. It`s nice to live in Nakano, and we support your Tokyo


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