Tsukimi Party

 As you know, we have a dinner party event every Tuesday in our Office. 500yen for
each person, and bring the drinks by yourself! No matter you are our new
guest, old guest, or just neighbor… We all welcome you to join us,
and have fun together!

 Last week, we holded the Tsukimi BBQ party
as our Tuesday night event. Tsukimi is the celebration of the full moon on the 15th day of the eight month of the traditional Japanese lunisolar calendar.

 In Taiwan, we called “Moon Festival”. The date is on August 15th of our lunar calendar. Kind of same as Japan, but it’s a holiday for us. Many people they do BBQ outside of the house with their friends and family, of course with the beautiful moon too.

Here are the photos what we did last week…

Our staff and guest, they are making the rice ball.

They are preparing something for BBQ!

He is doing the important thing, make a fire, for our BBQ!

FOOD!!! Lots of food!!! Not only vegetables, we had many meat too!

Look, it’s Shichirin(七輪), for BBQ!

Our guests, friends, and even our neighbors. Many people join our BBQ night.

They eating, talking, sharing and exchange their traveling experiences.

We do cook one part in our office, also one in front of our office.

Sorry, we interrupt people for picture… I know, we all hungry…

Finally, we saw the beautiful moon show up! 

After the party, we picture again! More new faces show up, right!

Thank you all! I’m really happy to had this BBQ party! Not only BBQ, we had moon cakes too! Hope all of you were enjoy the party too!

For more Tsukimi(Moon Festival) information, please check the links below! It linked to WIKIPEDIA.
>>Tsukimi information<<
>>Moon Festival(Mid-Autumn Festival)<<


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