Sorry, I’m late to report this trip. It was held in August, last month actually. We went to Yokohama(横浜) for the Hanabi(花火: Fireworks show in Japanese). Fireworks show usually hold in summer time in Japan, but this year, after the earthquake on March 11th, many fireworks shows were cancel… Some place they still have this event!

Miho, one of our Japanese volunteer staff, she was plan to take me to go to Yokohama for the fireworks show. And, we were thinking, why not bring some of our guests with us if they are interested on it too!? It could be a day trip there! Yep, so I made a flyer for the this YADOYA’s event.

It was on Wednesday, we met in the office around noon time, because we
all had party last night, cannot wake up earlier as usual. Then, we took
a train to there!

Miho, she didn’t join Tuesday night party, but she did some prepare work for the trip. Like this! She used the tape to made our name, YADOYA, on the pad! And we need to find a good place for Hanabi, it means, it’s our area! Where can we have a sit and enjoy the show!

After that, we went to China town to find something to eat for our lunch. Of couse, beer first! We cheers first!

After we finished the lunch, we had a walk around there. Picture time~

For the fireworks show, we need something to eat, and to drink. So we have two teams, one for the food, the other team for the drinks. And we met in front of the supermarket.

On the way back to our place, where we put our name already.

WOW~ Can you imagine it, it’s Wednesday, but super crowded! Not only in this photo… Actually everywhere around that area.

Wait for the show start, beer again… (That’s our style, YADOYA’s style!)

The fireworks show start!

It looks nothing from the pictures, but if you are there, you must like it! It’s amazing and very pretty!

After we cleaned the place where we were. We all think about we need to wait a while or we cannot get into the train station…

So, we went to the Park just nearby the train station, and wait there for the roller coaster… It’s so good, because the night view and I was use the first cart… I feel not so good too, cause the first cart and… just after drinking…
Well, shouldn’t take that after drinking, it makes me feel more dizzy and feel bad…

Anyway, it’s nice trip! Thank you guys, I had a really good time with all of you! Hope you all enjoy the day too!

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