Hello, Alice again!


This time, I would like to sharing my trip of Kanazawa(金沢). This was my first time to Kanazawa, and it was this July.


I went to Kanazawa by night bus, bus departured from Shinjuku Bus Terminal, the new one open this year. The close gate from Shinjuku station is New South gate, either South Gate(need to cross the street!). And Bus terminal is on 4F.


I bought the bus ticket with very reasonable price, you can always check Willer Express website, because you can find the discount sometimes. *Sometimes, Japanese page and English page has differnt discount too.


I arrived Kanazawa station in the morning, and went to the hostel to leave my bag there, then start my travel!


YES!!! My breakfast, with golden powder! I heard Sea foods are fresh here before, and gold famous here too!

I had both as a combination sea food rice bowl for my first meal at Ohmicho Ichiba(近江町市場) in Kanazawa. I also ordered a Miso soup, it was so tasted! And unfortunately, there wasn't any gold powder inside of the soup… lol


After my luxury meal, I was too full… I walked around, and on the way to Kanazawa castel, I found this place. This house is so Japanese, and it is free!


Almost no tourist here, I can take a lot of photos without bothering anyone.


I love this glass which is on a slide door, it is not so common now, it's an old fashion. I was surprised when I saw it, because it's in a good condition in this house.


This is a view from Kanazawa castel.


I love this scenery, this photo also took from Kanazawa castel.


And this photo is a part of Kanazawa castel.


Origami, it was put in a rest spot, near the information desk.


This ticket is for the park, Kenroku-en(兼六園) + 1 museum, which means I can go to a museum after Kenroku-en. And the museum list in on the right side, you have to check their opening hours in advance.


Very silent place, with very nice Japanese style garden.

*It was super crowded when I just got there, too many travel groups around. Good thing is this garden is really big, you can escape people and find your favorite spot to enjoy the atmosphere and relaxing here. 


This photo was took in another house which is located in/near Kenroku-en. It was require an extra entrance fee for this house, and it was display some Kimono stuffs as a museum. You cannot take any photo inside of the house, included the decorations. But you can take photo for garden side.


This was a Japanese dessert set.

I was suprised after I had it, becuase it wasn't too sweet, and really good with a hot tea.


I had a Japanese dessert set with a such good view as this photo. It was a very nice relaxing time!


After Kenroku-en, I went to a Kaga Yuzen Hall (加賀友禅会館), which is very close to Kenroku-en.


Before, I don't know about Kaga Yuzen, till I learned how to dress Kimono, and study Kimono knowledge. Now, I know what it is, and this is a part of the culture of Kimono design.


Kimono show room area require an entrance fee, you can see the most beautiful kimono design here, and also there is a video shows how to make the design. In the show room area, there is a professional worker who shows how to do it in front of you, but cannot take any photo…  


This place also provide some trying courses(workshop), and you can take it home as a souvenir.

*Different trying course has differnt charge, most of them, you don't have to make a reservation in advance.

*Kaga Yuzan Kimono trying need to reserve in advance.


Yes, I joined the painting course, and this is a bag!

Staff prepare everything for me, included the colors, brushes, and always give me some suggestions to make my bag more pretty.


For my bag course, usually 1 person can choose about 4-5 kinds of model cards. I was lucky on that day, they provided me more in the end, because I was in a shooting for a video.


Starting… I did front side and back side of my bag, and also bottom! lol


This is one side of my bag, and I use it as front now.


My original design with me!


After the Kaga Yuzen Hall, I went to a tea house area. There are few tea house area around, and this is one of the famous in Kanazawa city.


I went there late, shops almost closed…


This is a shop which use gold in the products, such as cakes, candies, accessary. and others.

I bought some candies here, because it was the cheapest one in this shop… lol


After the tea house area, I went back to Hostel for check in.

The hostel located in a quiet area, and also very near to Kanazawa station.

Staffs are so friendly, and this hostel provid a big box of Umeshu(plum wine) for free in the evening.

Guest could communicate and enjoy Umeshu in the common area, very nice!


I was hungry, and the staff from the hostel recommend me this Izakaya for Oden.

It was my first time to sitting in a Izakaya alone, and was the only female customer there.


It's my vacation, of course BEER! Kan-Pai!


These were the foods and drinks I had, all recommended on their menu. And it was really good!!!

*I don't really understand what I ordered, but staffs are nice and very helpful for me to order the food.


A corner of old style beer poster, this is in the same building as the Izakaya. If you need a restroom, you will pass this corner definitely.






This is a corner at the hostel, I asked the staff at front desk to help me for the photos. It is a cozy hostel, and I love this corner so much!


I went to Ohmicho Ichiba(近江町市場) again to try more sea food. This time, I stopped in a corner where you order, and they cook(bake) for you.


These all I had for my breakfast, and the owner was so kind! 

He gave me an extra oyster, because the one was too small… Lucky!


My first schedule was Ninja Temple, Myoryuji Temple(妙立寺).

If you want to join the tour, you have to reserve in advance, and reservation accept by phone call only.

Tour guide charge is 1000yen/person(adult).


I made a reservation just after I check out from the hostel, and this information was from the staff at hostel too.

Thank you so much to let me know this information!


The tour has only Japanese tour guide, but they will try to let foreigner to understand the meaning. They do have limited copies of English guide for foreigners.


This temple doesn't relate to any Ninja actually. But why Ninja Temple as a nickname? It's very interesting, and charming! For example, when you see the building, you may thinking it is a 2 floors building from outside. No, actually it has many floors(4/5 floors) inside, also has a basement. And you may thinking it is a wall from outside, it actually is a slide door, and also a way could let you go upper to another floor. It could be for hiding someone in the secret space too.


I'm so glad that I could join this temple tour, love this temple so much, and could see how smart they were when build this temple.


After the temple, on the way to another tourist spot, Naga Machi Buke Yashiki District(長町武家屋敷). I just random enter to a Japanese resturant. This was a Lunch Set of Kaga Cooking(加賀料理).


Yes, this is Naga Machi Buke Yashiki District(長町武家屋敷).


A swimming pool!?

Well, this is an Art Museum, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa(金沢21世紀美術館).


I was planning to have a look of this swimming pool, but it request a ticket, and don't know the exactly time when I can join… therefore, I only took a photo from outside, as you see this photo, people are under the water, in the swimming pool.


The Museum itself, also interesting. If I had enough time, I would love to stay awhile there to enjoy the art.

*I was lost my way in the museum, this museum is a round shape, I couldn't find the exactly exit out till I asked someone to help me. lol


After the art museum, I went to another small museum too. I was using the ticket which was with Kenroku-en ticket.

The small museum prohibit photos, no photos about the museum…


Well, after the small museum, I went to Ishikawa Prefectural Products Center.

1F has shops for souvenirs.

2F has is a show room, display some culture stuffs.

3F has a workshop.


This time, I choose the one to make my own glass stamp.

First, I have to design it, make sure enough space for my name and decorations on the paper.


Staff will use my design as the original, and make a seal put on it. Then I have to remove the part I don't need, must be very careful and be patient.


After remove the part I don't need, staff will direct you how to use this to scrub it.


After scrub it, it's time to remove the seal finally.


See, this is my own stamp! It's cute!


After the stamp workshop, I went to tea house area again.

I really want to try the ice cream, which has a gold paper cover on it.


I found it during the opening hours, but… unfortunally, it has a notice on it saying SOLD OUT!!!

So sad when I see the notice…


Luckly, I found another coffee shop has it in the Kanazawa station. I had it before I leave Kanazawa.

I don't taste any from the gold or silver papers, it just melting in my mouth…


Hokuriku Shinkansen(北陸新幹線)!

It started running since 2015, still new! It was in my plan too, even the price is higher than night bus.


A souvenir of Hokuriku Shinkansen!

I was looking for a Shinkansen box, a Bento box, which has Hokuriku Shinkansen shape. I asked the staff at Kanazawa station, and they helped me to ask the staffs at souvenir corner in the station too. And we figured out the box which I was looking for, only sale in the first month when Hokuriku Shinkansen started. okkk… So I got this Shinkansen toy in the end…


*Recently, I found the Bento box in Tokyo station Bento corner this September. Not only Hokuriku Shinkansen Bento Box, but also Hokkaido Shinkansen Bento Box too! Tokyo station has almost everything, very convenient!



======= Useful Information =======

★Good Neighbors Hostel



★Kaga Yuzen Hall (加賀友禅会館)

English Page: http://www.kagayuzen.or.jp/kaikan2.html

*English page has not so much information actually…

Japanese Page: http://www.kagayuzen.or.jp/index.html


★Myoryuji Temple (妙立寺) –> Ninja Temple!

English Page: http://www.myouryuji.or.jp/en.html

Japanese Page: http://www.myouryuji.or.jp/index.html


★21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa (金沢21世紀美術館)

English Page: https://www.kanazawa21.jp/en/

Japanese Page: https://www.kanazawa21.jp/






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