Hello, this is Alice!

How are you, everyone?


It's been a while that I couldn't share my trips here, because some personal reasons.

But I still want to share it with all of you, and one of my trip is Yokosuka trip, which was in this April.


Yokosuka is a city in Kanagawa(神奈川) Prefecture, Japan. It's not too far from Tokyo, just need to have some transfer, and after 1.5hours, then will arrive there.

From Nakano(中野), please take JR Sobu Line(総武線) to Shinjuku(新宿), and transfer to Yamanote Line(山手線) to Shinagawa(品川), then transfer to Keikyu Line(京急線)to Shioiri(汐入).

*Depends on the train, you may need to transfer one more time to Shioiri when you take Keikyu Line.

*It takes about one and half hour to Yokosuka(横須賀).


I was depature from Nakano earlier then 9:25, and I was arrive Shioiri station close to 11:00. While I was checking what around, I found a Ramen shop in a mall, and it does looks delicious, that's why I decided to had one for my brunch, yes, it was a meal between my breakfast and lunch.


This is my ramen, the recommend one on their menu. It's really good, I love it!


This is the main purpose why I was there, to join a Cruise of Yokosuka Naval Port(軍港めぐり). And this is the direction to Shioiri Terminal.


I booked the tour online, do the payment and get my ticket at the terminal office. This was my ticket, and it's actually a lottery ticket for the tour as well. Just, I wasn't lucky enough to get the prize.


A lot of battleships parking there.


Battleships from the U.S.


Battleships from Japanese Self-Defense Forces.


This battleship is not use anymore, the number has been covered by paint.




After the tour, I was picture with the entrance of the terminal.


Dobuita Street(ドブ板通り), I heard about it before, it's a very special style street that you only can see and find here. But when I walked through the street, it was nothing there… almost all the shops closed…

*I figured out it was closed day later after my trip… too bad…

*There is a style of jacket called, Sukajan, many shops has it on Dobuita street. I wasn't lucky enough to see it, because shops were close…


I love this style of flag so much, and I bought a sticker which is same design as this flag on the second day.

*I went to Yokosuka in the April, and they told me they will have new design for this year in this June.


Yokosuka is a town, which is not too big. After Dobuita street, I walked to Mikasa Park(三笠公園), and went on the memorial battleship too.


This is Memorial battleship – Mikasa!


This battleship is really big, and still keep some rooms to display the furniture, decorations from the past period, all the stuffs are keeping in a good condition, and also some of the rooms are display for others, such as history.

And the photo I took, this was the place where they trained them, and also where they sleep. There are 2 hammocks as a display. Even though, it's hard for me to image, that they were using this space for their living during the battleship was driving in the ocean. 


Another photo I took from outside, the front of this battleship, Mikasa.


I also heard, there is an island near, and the boat terminal is very close to Mikasa Park. I went there, and asked a ticket to get on the island, and they told me the next boat will be departure at 15:30.


I sat there, and waiting…


This is the boat, which takes people to the island. And no one live in this island, they keep announce the final schedule is setting at 17:00, please come back to the terminal before the time. 


Military Harbour and me!


This island also provide the sticks for people who may need it during hiking around this island.

*There is a shop for food and fishing stuffs on this island, but closed at 15:00. When I arrived the island, it's closed already…


Not so many tourists here, I couldn't ask anyone to help me for a picture, therefore, thanks to my mini camera foot stool, it helped me a lot for the photos.


This island was for defend before, there is a old tunnel and some places still can see that they used for setting cannons.


There are some natural sceneries around as well. Very quiet sea view.


After walked around the island, and took a lot of photos, I went back to the terminal, and waiting for the boat. And, it was in rains… I had my dinner in a seafood resturant near Mikasa terminal, just no photo could share with you here, due to camera has no battery. (sad… )


On the second day of my trip, I went to a burger shop to have the famous food, Navy Burger.

A lot of shops provide this menu, and this shop was the one I picked up from the guide map.

*You can get a guide map at information desk on Dobuita street.


WOW, don't know how many layers this burger is, and I didn't take this one too. It's just a food model at the entrance of this shop.


Navy Burger and me, very big burger! The staff at the shop was worry that I may not be able to finish it. After that, I did, and I was super full!!! Can't believe that I had this big burger by myself… lol


This is a curry mascot, Sucurry, standing at the entrance of JR Yokosuka station. Yokosuka Navy Curry is also one of the famous food here. I wasn't able to have it, because I was super full after my big burger… Therefore, I bought the small curry packages as a souvenir for myself.


This was my Yokosuka trip, and usually 1 day is enough if you are going from Tokyo. For my case, the weather wasn't good enough, so I decided to stay a night there, to make sure I will be have enough time to finish the spots I want to see.


This place has a totally different atmosphere as other places in Japan, people speak in Japanese, but some of the information is mixed with Japanese and English. It maybe, because the US Navy Base is located in this area, and they need English words to help them to understand it. And while having a meal in a shop, they may just sit beside you. How I know? Ohhh, because they were in uniform… lol

Anyway, it's very interesting, and differnt culture experience for me.





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