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↑I went to Kurashiki(倉敷) last week, my main purpose was for mt factory tour Vol.3.
*mt = masking tape
*mt的簡寫是從masking tape(護條膠帶)而來的。



↑My mt factory tour PASS! As you see, they noted my tour date and time.
They do have this kind of tour every year, but always in different period, for example, the 1st tour was hold in May, 2012, and the 2nd tour, which is last year, was in July, 2013, and the 3rd tour(this year) is betweeb the end of March and the beginning of April, 2014. 
If you are interested in mt factory tour, the important thing is follow their news on their webiste, either follow their facebook page, and apply it when it is available. This tour is really popular, so it better to apply weekday tour instead of weekends.



↑mt factory tour's shuttle bus.
From the letter, which they have sent to me has the detail of how to get there. Actually, there is a map inside, it shows a parking space where is near Kurashiki station, and we have meet there, and shuttle bus will take all the visitors to the factory.



↑This bus was not painted as you see, it all with tape! Amazing, and I'm wondering to know how many rolls of tape they used for just decorate one bus?



↑Inside of bus, also all decorated with tape, it's cute!


↑mt original was making a Fly Paper, which is a fly-killing device made of paper.


↑It becomes to a fashionable decoration tape nowadays. You can use it on your notebooks, photos, bicycle, car, and whatever you want to decorate it.



↑It's not allowed to take any picture during the tour in factory, therefore, I have no picture of inside of factory.
I do have a lots of photos outside of the factory, such as these 2 photos. They have decorated a space as a giant's desk.



↑There is a room decorated by colorful tapes, and with colorful sand.



↑After the colorful area, the next room is shopping room! All the shopping bags are decorated with different colorful pretty tapes as their style!
And many different patterns' tapes too. I did a big shopping there, and also bought a rollbox, which you can fill in it as much as you can for 500yen only. So cheap!



↑A stamp for my memory, nice tour at mt factory!



↑There is a workshop area, they provide a lot of tapes for visitors to use to decorate a own souvenir.
***Don't take it home, please put it back after you done, save it for next person!***



↑Lots of tapes, all you can use! I love it so much!



↑My star!
They provide many different kind of shapes for visitors to use, and one person only can get one. I choose a star, and an old lady, who sit nearby me, she had a star too. A little girl, who sit on the otherside of the old lady, also nearby me, she had a house. Another boy who sit in front of me had a train, he has a really good sense of colors!



↑After I done my star, I start to decorate my badge! And here is my own style!
*Badge fee is 300yen!



↑Gashapon! If you get a special paper from your Gashapon capsule, then you will get a mt with a special pattern.
Unlucky, I did twice, but I didn't get any special paper to exchange a special pattern tape… 



↑My tour time was 10:30, and I arrived mt factory near 11:00. And I left around 13:30, which is mean I spent about 2 hours in the factory.
It was really fun, although I was alone in the tour, I still had a good time. All the visitors and mt staffs, were so friendly, they helped me to take some pictures, and made my own badge.



↑YES! All my souvenirs from mt factory. Some of them was a present from the factory, and some of them was bought by me.
*I got some special pattern tapes from the shops in Kurashiki town, but it's not show on this photo. If you go to the shop which is on support shop list of mt factory, show them your PASS when you pay the money for things or food, then you will get one!
*mt工場見學活動有和一些在倉敷觀光景點的店家合作,只要在結帳時出示mt PASS,就有機會拿到特製圖案的紙膠帶。
After my mt factory tour report, will you like to join as well? I hope, I will have the chance to visit again, because they have different theme every year, and the present also different too. The special present which you cannot buy from the market, it only for factory tour! (^o^)/


+++++ Information +++++
mt factory tour Vol.3


See you next time! Alice

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