One coin dinner Event 10/23*Philippine Cuisine

 We have one coin dinner event every Tuesday!
And for this coming Tuesday is ↓

Philippine Cuisine

Our staff Jae, who is from America, learned how to cook the Philippine food from her Philippine friends!
Those dishes are very popular in the Philippines.

You might think the taste is similar to  the Thai dishes ,Chinese cooking and other Asian cuisine…Yes, this is what makes Philippine Cuisine so special and unique!

Sounds like “Asian fusion”,  doesn’t it.
Why not give it a try!?


來自美國的Jae 將為我們帶來道地的菲律賓料理!

Date: October 23th. 2012  10月23日(火)
Dinner Time: 18:30 ~ 22:00(Open House Style)
Place: YADOYA Guesthouse For Backpackers’ kitchen area
*Please come through from our office’s front door.
Fee: 500yen / each person   ¥500 / 人

As you know we hold the Tuesday dinner party every week!
500yen for each person, bring your own drinks with you!
If you are interested in this event, and want to meet new friends,
Welcome you to join us!

Please feel free to join us

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