Hello everyone

It has been 3 months since I came to Nakano.
I am trying to find interesting things from both tourist and resident’s point of view.
From now on, I will write a cerise of articles about Nakano.
Some tips and useful information also can be
found here.

Wish you enjoy your stay in Nakano.

新宿のご近所さん ナ カ ノ



超級大城新宿的小鄰居 中野


There are some small ally beside the
Sunmall(サンーモール). It’s one of the famous area for drinking at night.
Lot’s of bar here.I like walk around those small area in the night. The
scenery is just like the background in the movie.
You can feel the Shouwa era(1926~1989)  nostalgic atmosphere.


走出中野站北口映入眼簾的是Sun mall 商店街,大道的右側有許多小路,在逛完主幹道後,不妨選一條小路開始探險,在此,揮別熙攘的商店街,恍如走進時光隧道…..

to be continued……..


If you have chance stay in Yadoya, don’t miss the chance to discover Nakano

I will introduce other areas and some nice shops in the next article,if you want to know more, just keep following our blog! 



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