In it’s been a while since I updated.
  In the beginning of February, I visited YOKOHAMA, joined the Chinese New Year festival in China town and took a walk around the harbor area. Since it was my first visit there, I was trying to find interesting things from a tourist’s point of view.

  I would like to show you some pictures about what I saw in Yokohama .Some tips and useful information about visiting Yokohama also can be found in this article.

Hope you will like it and wish you enjoy your trip in Yokohama

  The sightseeing spots in the Yokohama harbor area include many museums, Yokohama Chukagai(China town), Yamate area (parks and monuments). I recommend you visit those areas by walking.  
Download the map here

   I decided to start my tour from China town. So the information below is the way I went to Yokohama:
From Nakano to Yokohama(Motomachi Chukagai)
The cheapest way: cost 620yen,about 1 hour by metro and train.
Nakano (JR Chuo line)–>Shinjuku
Shinjuku(JR Yamate line)–> Shibuya
Shibuya( Metro Tokyutoyoko line rapid)–>Motomachi Chukagai 


這個月初第一次造訪橫濱,遊客必去的中華街與港區不在話下,我很貪心的還跑去山手區來個歷史洋房巡禮(笑) 接下來,是當地的景點介紹與許多照片,還請各位看倌慢慢欣賞!


AM 10:00 Arrived in Yokohahama

Out side of metro<Motomachi Chukagai>station.

Chinese carving on the wall of  the police office.

AM 11:00 at Yamashitamachi Park

Yamashitamachi Park(やましたまちこうえん). It was a theater plaza between 1868~1878. After WWII, this place was reformed to a park.Nowadays,it still plays an important role in the lives of local people.
山下町公園,前身為戲院”會芳樓” 經歷時代變遷,

Chinese fire; the fire cracker to get rid of evil spirits

Chinese New Year Festival was held in the park.

Lion dance

After join the festival, I went to visit Mazu temple(Goddess of the sea)、which is just beside the Park.To my surprise, there was another Mazu statue, which is from the temple in Taiwan, also brought to this temple to bring good luck to everyone!

AM 12:00   Lunch time

MUST EAT  in Yokohama :steam buns & chest nuts

After some sightseeing, I had a light meal here.
Steam buns and fried chest nuts are unique to Japanese China town.

 Big steam buns肉まん Fried chest nuts 天津栗

   Since I am Taiwanese, I know how steam buns should taste like.Before I thought the steam buns won’t be good since it’s selling for visitors, (I was kind of suspicious)but actually it tastes fine. You can find a lot of steam bun vendors on the street. Each vendor has their own taste.Another vendor that can be easily found is the fried chest nuts vendor,either one is tasty.


   Unlike the China town in other countries, ”Yokohama Chukagai” is more involved in Japanese society. it is said that more than 70% people here are Japanese tourist and visitors from all over the world!
Here you can find lot’s of interesting things happening right now

Panda  Panda (outside of the Chinese restaurant)

There are lot’s of stores selling goods from African and Asian countries recently.The stores always looks very unique.

「琳瑯滿目」「 五花八門」 大概就是這樣的感覺(笑)


A shop full of cat goods


13:00 at Yokohama Chukagai (China town)

At the end of my trip in Yokohama China town, I found a small ally similar to Taiwan.
(with lot’s of Taiwanese national flags )


to be continued……..


  As you know, Yokohama is a famous  tourist spot for its multicultural and historical scenery. If you happen to
stay in Tokyo for a while, why not go to Yokohama to enjoy an exotic

I will introduce other areas in Yokohama in the next article,if you want to know more, just keep following our blog! 


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