Procedure -yadoya guesthouse tokyo nakano

Reservation and Check in/out Procedure

1 Choose hostel

2 Make Reservation

3 Check-in

4 Enjoy your stay

5 Check-out

1 Choose hostel

Please choose which hostel you would like to stay, YADOYA Orange or YADOYA Green. You can check the difference between both branches on Top page.

2 Make reservation

Please choose how to make your booking!


Please choose which hostel (Orange or Green) you want to stay and press Booking button.



Please call us (9:00-22:00 JST, English speaking):

Facebook messanger

Please send us massage from Facebook message with your name and date of your stay.

Inquiry Form

Please fill the form to check the availabilities. We will reply in 24hrs. Please contact us again if you don`t get any reply. *Sometimes we have trouble with free mail, so if you do not get any reply, please check Junk Box or try to send us again with other e-mail address.

Choose branch
※First name
※Last name
※Number of people



Boy 15years old or younger

Girl 15years old or younger

Infant 3years old or younger

*For more than 5people, we consider it is “Group booking”. Please fill out your request following comment column and wait for our email.

Purpose of your stay
Are you interested in
Date you plan to stay


Arrival time
Please contact us if you cannot arrive between check in hours.



(※Please fill same e-mail address for confirmation)

Question ,comments

3 Check-in

Check-in hours in Yadoya Guesthouse Green: 14:00-22:00. Check-in hours in Yadoya Guesthouse Orange: 15:00-22:00. We can keep your luggage at our reception if you arrive earlier than check-in hours. For the late check-in arriving after 22:00, please let know in advance with your arrival information. Please come to our hostel (check the Map). For the check-in, please provide the following:

*Passport/ Residence Card or ID Card (We scan it by instruction of the Japanese government

*Fill out our registration form *Room fee and key deposit


Cancellation policy

*In case of a no show: the booking should be paid in its entirety
*On the day of arrival: 100% of first night and 50% of second night
*24hours prior to check in date: 50% of first night
The time that cancellation are made is based on local time in Tokyo.

Check-in hours is until 22:00
If you arrive after hours, please contact us in advance. We will email you how you can do late check in. Also please consider to check-in first to get your key, and then there is no curfew after you check-in.



4-Enjoy your stay!

Us at YADOYA Guesthouse, hope that you have an amazing time in Tokyo! Please do not hesitate to ask for any information about places to do sightseeing or other travel information about Japan. We also hold some events, so please check out on our Facebook page. We always happy to make your stay in Tokyo more memorable.

5- Check-out

Check-out is until 11:00 am.
Key deposit is refundable upon the return of the key.