Concept - Cheap hostel in Tokyo - YADOYA GUESTHOUSE for Backpackers

Concept of YADOYA Guesthouse

YADOYA Guesthouse started as a small guesthouse for only six people could stay on April 1, 2002. We were able to open Backpackers hostel with much help from friends, volunteers and many of our guests. We are very proud of it, even if it's a still small guesthouse. 

Enjoy your trip on a low budget! 

One of our founding staff-members, Mari, came up with the idea after having traveled more than forty countries from 90’s till now. 

YADOYA Guesthouse for Backpackers;

  • Provide beds priced as reasonably as possible in one of the interesting cities in central of Tokyo, Nakano.
  • Give local information, which is not in the guidebook or on the Internet, and make the trip more unique.
  • Provide the chance to see traditional Japanese culture like Tea ceremonies or Shodo and also create the event to meet other traveller and locals to make new friends.
  • Contribute to local community through the International guesthouse.


To keep our prices low, our guesthouses are almost DIY handmade.

The YADOYA Guesthouse was made by YADOYA staff, friends and volunteers. Special tasks were done by professional, but we all did almost everything by hand: demolition, walls, floor, painting.
Our friend, Ryo Shirai who is an architect, made the design and showed the team how to build it. 

We continue to decorate with contributions from our friends, such as photos for the walls to make this guesthouse more enjoyable. 

And also we wash the bed sheets by ourselves; we ask that you bring back the bed sheets and tidy up rubbish when checking out. This is a also reflected price. 

We are not very fancy/party kinds of hostel. We are small guesthouse feels like visiting your friend’s home. Good for the backpackers and travellers who would like to have different experience from your country. We wish you exchanged your experience with our staff or guests during your stay. Please let us support your trip more fun.

We would love to help people who are traveling on a budget, and we want to make the trip more enjoyable in this way! 

Enjoy your stay!


Our supporter

We appreciate all the people who have been contributed us for making our guesthouse!

Endo Tetsuo

Born: Nigata prefecture
He has been supporting us to plan our project after we start as YADOYA Guesthouse.

Tomoharu Nator

iHe supported us introducing the people for our project and gave us advice as a senior in business.


Yoshiaki Takayama (Realtor)

He supported us to find the place at the beginning of YADOYA history. We had very unique guesthouse by his support. He advice us as local person in Nakano and gave us opportunity to connect Nakano and YADOYA.


Shinsuke Yamazaki (Realtor)

He supported us to find the place and negotiate for the guesthouse. He had never give up even after so many locations could not succeed for long time.


Mayuko Obayashi (Director of smart favo / Web designer)
She designed previous website as volunteer

Hiroki Otsuka (Artist)

Living in NYC
He is the father of our character Tanudon. Also he was together when we named YADOYA Guesthouse and he knows YADOYA history from the beginning even after he moved to NYC. Tanudon is very important character of YADOYA now.


Suso Akiko (Illustrator and Hat designer)

Born: Ishikawa prefecture
She designed our YADO⭐︎MAP as illustrator as volunteer


Eldon King

He was supporting us for about 6 years at the beginning of YADOYA Guesthouse. We created YADOYA culture together in the early time of YADOYA history. Our character Tanudon came up from his name and body shape.

Alejandro(Alex) Auscarria

He was supporting us at the begging of YADOYA. His big smile and Otaku character was always made us happy. We created YADOYA culture together in the early time of YADOYA history. Our character Alix came up from his name.


Alice Lin

She was supporting us for about 6years after Eldon and Alejandro and worked hard as full time partner to create new YADOYA Guesthouse as hostel. We opened 2 hostels together and made the system from scratch, and create YADOYA culture in the middle time of YADOYA history. Our character Tanulin came up from her name.


Ryo Shirai (Architect)

Born: Aichi prefecture
Graduated: Tokyo University of the Arts (Master degree of Art Department / Faculty of architect
He designed of YADOYA Guesthouse Green/Orange.
For YADOYA Green, he made floor plan and concept, bed design, sign for the rooms, and did DIY carpentry work with us.
For YADOYA Orange, he made floor plan and concept, sign for the rooms.

Fukuyama (Designer)

Born: Tokyo
Study: Tokyo University of the Arts (Art Department / Faculty of architect) Presides over BANTY(2015), Open BANTI craft/café(2017)
He designed the bed of YADOYA Orange. One of design (Beds room in Tonbo) is trying to express traditional Japanese way of design. There are no nails or screw to build the bed.

Thank you so much for all our volunteers, friends, interns and staff working together.