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What`s in Nakano

☆Where in Tokyo?!☆
Nakano ward is in west side of Tokyo, located next to Shinjuku ward.
Nakano station is the main station in Nakano ward and it`s only one stop away from Shinjuku station by JR Chuo line, it means only 4min ride to Shinjuku. JR Nakano and Tokyo metro Nakano is in the same station, so we can use both JR and Metro. It means you can save your money for transportation.

Please get YADO☆MAP Nakano (PDF) from here!! You will see how Nakano is fun from this Map!

YADO☆MAP Front page (around Nakano station area)

YADO☆MAP Back page (around Nakano station area)

If you would like to see the deep Nakano culture,
please check this movie Directed by Nicolas Charavet
☆ GIFUYA ぎふ屋 新井薬師

☆Please check the slide show of Nakano area!!☆

☆Uniqueness of Nakano☆

When we think about Nakano as Japanese, many people say it`s Otaku and Sub Culture city.
Otaku is one of Japanese word translated to Nerd or Geek in English, people who are really in love of something like Anime, Manga, Video-Games, Computer, music ect. For example, we call “Anime Otaku” someone who really love and also have full of knowledge about Anime.

There is a place call “Nakano Broadway” about 5min walk from Nakano station.
This place has many Otaku shops for Anime, Manga, Video games, used music CDs, books, darts, watches, cosplay ect. One of famous shop is Mandarake, they have very rear Manga or figurine.Also, some Otaku shops are in Nakano area.

In Japan, it`s very close Otaku culture and Sub-culture. It`s difficult to explain exactly what is Otaku and Sub-culture, but we think it become one of our new unique Japanese culture these 20-30years.

- What is the special in Nakano?

Of course, the main reason is that it`s Otaku holly place.
We still can find very relaxed and local atmosphere in Nakano even if it`s only one stop from Shinjuku. There are hundreds of small Bars, Restaurants, Ramen shops, Karaoke, also cozy place for Jazz, DJ, Club, which are not commercialized or touristnized at north side of Nakano station.
So we can enjoy night life in Nakano with local feeling.

- When is the best season to visit Nakano.

Anytime Ok.
But In the springtime, there are beautiful Sakura trees (Cherry blossoms) besides Nakano street from Nakano station.

- Activities in the neighborhood

Izakaya, Tachinomi, Yakitori, Ramen, Sushi, Okinawa, Indian, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Italian, Spanish, Morocco…. Many kinds of place to eat
A lot of drug stores that is reasonable prices because there is competition.
Don Quijote store open till 5:00am.

There are beautiful park calls “Tetsugaku-do park” and “Heiwano-Mori park”. “Tetsugaku” means philosophy. This park made by Philosopher “Enryo Inoue” in Meiji era for people can have a place to think or meditate.

Arai-Yakushi temple is local temple. They have Ennichi (a day believed to have a special relation with a particular Japanese deity) on the 8th, 18th, 28th every month, also Antique market sells old Kimono, pottery etc. every 1st Sunday.

And new park will be open soon just 1min from Nakano station. It`s Under construction now.

Actually, stations on Chuo-line have unique and nice places like Nakano. Next to Nakano is “Koenji” by Chuo-line. In Koenji, there are a lot of used cloth shops and live house. Young musician are living this area. In “Nishi-Ogikubo” there are a lot of little Antique shops.

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