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YADOYA Guesthouse started as a small guesthouse for only six people could stay on April 1, 2002. We were able to open Backpackers with much help from friends, volunteers and many of our guests. We are very proud of it, even if it's a still small guesthouse in which only twenty-two people can stay at a time.

Enjoy your trip on a low budget!

One of our founding staff-members, Mari, came up with the idea after having traveled to forty countries.

YADOYA Guesthouse for Backpackers;
  • Provide beds priced as reasonably as possible in one of the interesting cities in central of Tokyo, Nakano.
  • Give local information which is not in the guidebook or on the internet and make the trip more unique.
  • Provide the chance to see traditional Japanese culture like Tea ceremonies or Shodo.
  • Contribute to community through the Guesthouse.

To keep our prices low, our guesthouses are almost completely handmade.

The YADOYA Guesthouse for Backpackers was made by YADOYA staff, friends and volunteers. We all did almost everything by hand: demolition, walls, floor, painting. Special tasks were done by professional. Our friend, who is an architect, made the design and showed the team how to build it.

We continue to decorate with contributions from our friends, such as photos for the walls to make this guesthouse more enjoyable.

And also we wash the bed sheets by ourselves, we ask that you bring back the bed sheets and tidy up rubbish when checking out. This is also reflected prices.

We would love to help people who are traveling on a budget, and we want to make their trip more enjoyable in this way!

Enjoy your stay!
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